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line Owen
by Kevin Henkes (Author, Illustrator)

A book about Growing Up!

Owen is a big boy now. He is all ready to go to school. But he soon discovers that growing up means he won’t be able to take his beloved blanket with him! So far, his blanket has been his constant companion. “Fuzzy goes wherever I go” he declares. And so it does. Then a kindly neighbor suggests “Blanket Fairy” to the parents, ¬†for dealing with the separation anxiety. But that idea flops. And so the neighbor suggests another idea to Owen’s parents. But that doesn’t work either. How are they ever going to get Owen ready in time for school!

This is a super sweet story about growing up. Every now and then you see a kid and blankie.. you will think about Owen for sure Small kids will relate to this story easily and so will parents who had to deal with such dilemmas. Kevin Henkes’ Owen is a charming story and funny too! See all the lengths to which Owen goes to for protecting his precious Fuzzy!

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