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Library Lion

line Library Lion
by Michelle Knudsen (Author), Kevin Hawkes (Illustrator)

Library Rules (and exceptions)

Miss Merriweather is the head librarian. She is very strict about library rules. No running and no loud noises. One day a lion decides to visit the library. Everyone is nervous, not sure what to do about a lion in the library. And the lion is very good inside. He is quiet and doesn’t make loud noises, he helps around and cozies up with the kid at story hour. And then when Miss Merriweather has an accident, the lion comes to the rescue. But in the process he breaks the rules!


This is a beautiful book about warm friendships and companionship. The warm acrylic color illustrations fit right in with the mood. The expressive characters of the librarian , the library patrons and the lion make this book very memorable. The happy ending will make you rejoice! And don’t forget the moral of the story that sometimes there is a good reason to break a rule!

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  1. Mayfair Mum

    This was one of my all time favourites! I bought it for my niece when she was two, having loved it at first sight in the bookshop. Subsequently, Little Chap and I borrowed it from our local library but he wouldn’t let me take it back! We must have renewed it for about six months! So eventually, I gave in and purchased it. He has moved on to other favourites but we still revisit it now and then with equal delight!

    • reshamad

      Ha ha! yes the book is really that good Glad you enjoyed the book !


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