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line Mossy
by Jan Brett (Author, Illustrator)

Gorgeous Illustrations!

We are big fans of Jan Brett’s colorful picture books. Mossy is her latest and doesn’t disappoint.

A little turtle, Mossy, made Lilypad Pond her home. She loves the deep shades of the pond and beautiful variety of greens that grow around. One day Mossy realizes that small moss has begun to grow on her shell. Slowly the moss grows into a full blown mini-garden complete with variety of flora. A local naturalist discovers Mossy and takes her away to her museum. People come to see her everyday, but Mossy is sad. She doesn’t feel at home here. She would rather go back to Lilypad Pond.

Sweet and simple, this story tells an important message. To respect nature and all its creations. The book is trademark Brett, with all the colorful detailed illustrations. You will find a variety of moss, wildflowers, ferns, orchids, feathers, crystals, butterflies, shells, stones, insects and turtles inside the book page borders.

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