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A Home for Bird

line A Home for Bird

by Phillip C.Stead (Author)

Companionship at its best!

Vernon, the frog, finds a new friend, Bird. He says hello but Bird says nothing. He introduces Bird to his friends. But Bird says nothing. So Vernon feels that Bird is sad and lonely and longs for his home. But where is his home? So Vernon goes on a long journey with Bird to find a home for Bird.

A beautiful touching story about companionship. Vernon searches high and low for a home for his lost friend. They find many types and kinds of homes for Bird, but with no luck! Each time, Bird says nothing at all. Will Vernon ever find a home for Bird? Stead is a great storyteller, one of the best. His stories are simple but delightful. Much like his other books, the illustrations complement the stories and create the right mood. Highly recommended for kids of all ages!

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