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line Mustache!

by Mac Barnett(Author), Kevin Cornell (Illustrator)

A silly funny story

King Duncan is very self absorbed! He loves his good looks. Matter of fact, he takes a mirror with him everywhere. There are banners and billboards showing off himself all over. But his kingdom is doomed. Neglected and in need of much attention, the kingdom is in tatters. But King Duncan only cares about looking good!

When a little girl complains, everyone hopes that the king will finally do something about it. But all he comes up with is a big banner of himself! And then something really funny happens overnight.. a Mustache appears on the banner of the Kings face. And then some more appear.. all over town! Someone is being very mischievous. The king is furious, but what is he to do?

A super silly book, Mustache is a great read aloud for kids. The pictures are bright colorful cartoonish and funny. Much like the story, the illustrations shout “naughty!” Vive la Mustache!

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