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What do you do with a Tail like this?

line What do you do with a Tail like this?

by Steve Jenkins(Author), Robin Page (Illustrator)

A Guess who? Book

This is a great book for kids who like to know more about animals around us. Many animals use their noses, ears, tails, eyes, mouth and feet in a most unusual manner. This book highlights some of these interesting fact. For example, what would you do with a nose like this? shows noses of 5 different animals. Guess which belongs to which and then turn the page to see the answers. The author goes one step further and shows how they use their noses.

A very original way of introducing some fun facts about animals and how they use their senses!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books


  1. Rex Fernando

    Fantastic book.

  2. Sushmitha S

    We loved reading this book too! S was very interested listening to the facts written up at the end.


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