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Sophie’s Masterpiece

line Sophie’s Masterpiece

by Eileen Spinelli(Author), Jane Dyer (Illustrator)

A beautiful touching story

Sophie is a spider, an unusual spider. She was very talented. She doesn’t just spin a web, she weaves beautifully. Her artwork was the talk of the town. Everyone says she will one day create a masterpiece. But soon Sophie is grown up and has to leave her house. She find a nice boarding house and settles in. But no one really appreciates her artistic skills. They see her as a mere spider and turn her away. Finally she finds a home in a basket of yarn and settles down.

Time flies and Sophie is old and tired. One day the lady of the house finds her but treats her kindly. The lady is expecting a baby. Sophie wants to return her kindness by making something for the baby. But Sophie is no longer strong. Will she be able to finish in time? Will this be “the” masterpiece?

This is a warm and touching story.Its a kind and loving story. It is a story of finding your way and finding inspiration. The illustrations are in gentle watercolors but they are beautiful. The artist has done a superb job in capturing the beautiful designs of Sophie’s work. This is truly a book for all ages, each time you read it you will find tears in your eyes..

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  1. Unfortunately, our library doesn’t have this book. I love the illustration though that you showed. Maybe, I will come across a copy eventually. Thanks for sharing in Great Books for Kids!

  2. What beautiful illustrations. Reminds me of the older editions of James and the Giant Peach with strange but beautiful almost surreal illustrations.


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