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The Watcher

line The Watcher
by Jeanette Winter (Author, Illustrator)

Jane Goodall’s Life with Chimps

Voted as the Best Book of the Year by Kirkus reviews, Booklist and Boston Globe, “The Watcher” is a biography of Jane Goodalll, the great observer of the Chimps.  The story and text are a wonderful composition and work in perfect symmetry to introduce us to the world of Chimps through Jane’s eyes. This picture book biography is a perfect dedication to Jane’s work. An inspiration and a legend, Jane Goodall’s work and dedication is superbly highlighted in this book.

The Watcher inside

If you are looking for a book to discuss passion and conservation or a book to inspire kids, then this is THE book! We read this along with Me..Jane, the book that focuses on Jane’s childhood. As a parent, I am always curious about childhood experiences of such thought leaders.  Me.. Jane is a great starter. We then read The Watcher which completes her story. We read all about her time in the harsh jungles of Africa. How her fearlessness and perseverance paid off. What a great way to inspire kids and teach them about such qualities of life.

The Watcher Jane

I think we need more biographies, just like this one, to inspire our kids to lead and discover.

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