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The Giant of Seville

line The Giant of Seville
by Dan Andreasen (Author)

A “Tall” Tale

Seville, Ohio, is a quite little quaint town. Nothing ever happens. Until one day the train stops and a gentleman arrives. This is no ordinary person because he is 7 feet and 11 1/2 inches tall! What a strange sight for everyone in Seville. And what was Captain Bates (also known as the eighth wonder of the world) doing all the way in Seville?

Giant of Seville Inside

People soon find out that the Captain was retired from the circus and was looking for a nice place to settle down with his wife. He was looking for the ‘right’ place because they were both very big!¬†At first he finds the people in town to be very friendly. They go out of their way to make him feel at home. But when accidently he breaks the floor while joining the locals in a square dance… Captain Bates is not sure if Seville will be ready to take in these giants.

Giant of Seville poster

This is a charming true story of Martin Van Buren Bates and his wife Anna Swan. They became the tallest known married couple. When the couple settled in Seville, they built a custom house large enough for both of them to be really comfortable

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