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Into the Deep

line Into the Deep
by David Sheldon (Author)

William the Explorer

Into the Deep is a picture book biography of Naturalist and Explorer William Beebe. William Beebe loved nature. His mother and father encouraged his love and let him explore the wild life at a very young age.  When he was just a boy, William learned the art of taxidermy, insect mounting and cataloging. And then, even before he had graduated, he had already published articles in several professional magazines.  New York Zoological Park soon hired him to be the curator for birds.

But William really wanted to study animals in their natural habitat. He wanted to observe and study them. He truly believed that this was the best way to get to know the animals. His unconventional approach won him a lot of admirers and soon he was on a journey to discover species in the remotest parts of the world.

Into the Deep William Beebe

On one such expedition, William partnered with Otis, an engineering student, to design and create the “Bathysphere”. An underwater vessel made of thick steel which would let them observe creatures in deep deep ocean waters.

William and Otis Bathysphere

William Beebe (left), Otis Barton (right) with the Bathysphere

A great book to inspire kids to discover their own passion and to challenge boundaries and think differently. A real life Diego the explorer!

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  1. Lisa

    Thanks for joining in today’s Nonfiction Monday roundup with this picture book biography of William Beebe.

  2. Very cool! Many of the early western immigrants to Japan were naturalists, but I don’t know anything about underwater naturalists!

    • reshamad

      Thanks for stopping by Perogyo. I did not know about the Japanese immigrants being naturalists. Wonder if there is kidlit around that.


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