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Mouse in the House

line Mouse in the House
by Patricia Baehr (Author), Laura Lydecker (Illustrator)

Charming !

Every now and then, I like to read a super sweet simple story. When you don’t want “life’s big lessons” or ” moral of the story” kind of tale. One simply wants to curl up with your little one and read a simple story on a nice winter morning.  “A Mouse in the House” is exactly that kind of a tale.

Mrs.Teapot is a happy lady living in a cozy home all by herself. Each day she works about her house and in the evenings she likes to relax with a nice cup of tea, some cake and a good book. But one day, she finds a mouse in her house. And this mouse nibbles at her cake, sips her tea and even chews a page of her book! Mrs. Teapot decides she must get rid of the mouse. So she enlists some help. Read on to find out how her help turns out to complicate things even more than necessary.

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