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Red Knit Cap Girl

line Red Knit Cap Girl
by Naoko Stoop (Author, Illustrator)

Wonderfully Illustrated

Red Knit Cap girl likes to explore and wonder about things. Once in the forest, she wonders about the Moon and if she could speak with her. She tries her best to reach up to the Moon. But no matter what she tries, Red Knit Cap Girl is unable to do so.Red Knit Cap Girl won’t give up, she asks for help and many friends come to her aide.

Red Knit Cap Girl inside1

This is a beautifully illustrated and well written children’s book. I fell in love with Naoko’s art work. A perfect bed time read for the young ones. The charm of this book is the ease with which it flows..Kirkus Reviews calls it a “zen-like parable”

Red Knit Cap Girl inside2

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