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Leopard and Silkie

line Leopard and Silkie
by Brenda Peterson (Author), Robin Lindsey (Photographer)

A story about Seal Sitters

Beautiful photographs and compelling story. This is a book about seal sitters and seals. When baby seals are born on the shores of Salish Sea, they are vulnerable when their mothers are out hunting for food. Curious kids and parents, dogs and pets on the beach are all a threat to the frightened seals. Who will look out for them? Volunteer kids appointed as Seal Sitters are the little heroes. Looking out and watching out for anything that will trouble the new born baby seals.

Leopard and Silkie inside

This is a great read aloud story for kids, a way to show our children to be proactive in protecting the environment. I love the photographs in this book. The story doesn’t disappoint. And because this story is true, it makes it even more exciting!

Leopard and Silkie Miles

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