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Dave the Potter

line Dave the Potter
by Laban Carrick Hill (Author), Bryan Collier (Illustrator)

A lost artist

This is a bitter sweet tale of a slave named Dave. In “those” days, it was unusual to find slaves working at skilled labor like pottery. But Dave seemed to be the exception. Not only was he talented at making beautiful and enormous pots, he also secretly inscribed pots with lines of poetry bordering the style of¬†Japanese¬†Haiku. That was unusual too because most slaves were discouraged from reading and writing.

Dave the Potter inside

Very little is actually known about Dave. What is known about him is through his work and his inscriptions. This book is a tribute to the quite thoughtful potter Dave who left a mark through his poetry. The book is written in a poetic style with illustrations which have a rich photo like quality. I like the fact that the story highlights Dave as a potter and poet more than the fact that he was a slave. A good composition.. a good read for older kids.

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  1. Zoe

    I’d love to see these illustrations first hand (and the original pottery if any still exists)

    • reshamad

      They did have the pottery on display I remember a little while back somewhere on the East Coast (if I am not mistaken). I would love to see it as well Thanks for stopping by Zoe. I really like the theme of this month’s carnival.


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