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Giraffe’s Can’t Dance

line Giraffe’s Can’t Dance
by Giles Andreae (Author), Guy Parker-Rees (Illustrator)

Or Can They?

A┬álovely rhyming book, beautifully illustrated about Gerald the giraffe who has wobbly long legs and thinks that he can’t dance! At the annual dance party in the African jungles, poor Gerald watches as the warthogs waltz and the chimps do a cha cha. Even the rhinos do a rock and roll while the lions dance to a bold tango! Poor Gerald will he ever learn to dance?

Giraffes Cant Dance inside

A delightful book with great illustrations. The rhythm and rhyme of this book will make your own feet tap And while you are reading this book to your child for the umpteenth time, don’t forget to play a little I spy game looking for 1 cricket and 3 small bugs (Gerald’s friends).

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  1. We have this book with the CD. The music on the CD is absolutely brilliant and I love the narrator’s voice.

    • reshamad

      I can only imagine how delightful the CD would be given the book is so good wit rhythm and rhyme!


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