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Virginia Wolf

line Virginia Wolf
by Kyo Maclear (Author), Isabelle Arsenault (Illustrator)

A Tale of Bad Days and Bad Moods

One day little Vanessa’s sister, Virginia, gets up in a terrible mood. She is growling at everyone and everything. Virginia growls at Vanessa’s bright yellow dress. She growls at her friends who show up at her door to play. She even growls at Vanessa when she brushes her teeth! Indeed, Virginia is acting like a real wolf!

Virginia Wolf inside 2

So sister Vanessa decides to help her sister out of her wolfish mood. She asks Virginia what would make her feel better. “Bloomsberry” says Virginia. But Vanessa can’t find Bloomsberry in the atlas.. what could she do?

Virginia Wolf inside

This is a wonderful tale of healing and of a relationship between two sisters. I loved the art in this book. When the world seemed upside down, artist Isabelle used dark colors and ink silhouettes to show gloom. But she reverses the effect with bright vibrant colors when the mood turns for the better.

A lovely read for older kids.

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