Fill your house with stacks of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks. ~ Dr. Seuss

Review Policy


At Stacking Books, I review books written for children for age groups 3+ years. These reviews are my personal writing and opinions. I include images that are freely available for two reasons. First, I believe this enables readers of the blog post to understand whats inside. Think of this as a “look inside” feature. Second, I believe that art is as important to story telling as the text and this is my way of celebrating art in children’s literature. 

Also, this blog does not get any revenue or payments from advertising, sponsorship or insertions. We do not get compensated for views or opinions expressed in these reviews. We do not get payments from any links on the blog.  

We love to hear from you. So be sure to leave us a note.. either here or on any of the blog posts of any of our social media pages. We read and reply to comments and would like to say thank you for stopping by.


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