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Noah Webster and His Words

Noah Webster and His Words
by Jeri Chase Ferris (Author), Vincent X. Kirsch (Illustrator)

bi.og.ra.phy [noun.: written history of a person’s life]

Noah Webster was born to a farmer in Connecticut. By age of 12, he knew how to grow everything. And although his father said that Noah would be a “fine farmer”, Noah did not want to be one! He didn’t want to be a farmer at all!

Noah Webster and His Words No Farmer

Noah wanted to be a SCHOL-AR[noun: one who goes to school; a person who knows a lot]. He graduated from Yale and decided to become a teacher. He wrote the first American Spelling book, an American grammar book, a reader and many more school books for his students.

Noah Webster and His Words Teacher

Later, he decided to write the very first American dictionary. He planned to explain every word in the English language including new American words. Finally, 2000 pages and 20 years later, Webster penned his last word for the dictionary ZY-GO-MAT-IC[adj.:related to the cheek-bone]. Webster’s dictionary was published in 1828 and he gave it to America with these words:

To my fellow citizens…
for their happiness and learning..
for their moral and religious elevation…
and for the glory of my country…
Noah Webster and His Words Final Work

Noah died in 1843, but his life’s work lives on today.

Noah Webster and His Words Real Image

“Noah Webster and His Words” is not only superb in its dedication to his life’s work, but also a very clever picture book biography. The story is written simply and packed with facts. The text breaks down long and complex words like so: REV-O-LU-TION-AR-Y[noun: one who calls for radical change]. The insertion of dictionary words make for creative reading. It is a fun way to read the meaning of words and learn to spell them at the same time! The illustrations are fun to see with Noah’s head unusually large to emphasize that Noah was indeed a “scholar” Smile

Noah Webster and His Words Dictionary 1828

The book is a great introduction to a “Dictionary” and the man behind the American Dictionary. This book is a keeper. If you and your child are interested in exploring activities, find a useful resource here (CCSS guide, historical timeline, games, word label game cards, crossword puzzle, dictionary locator, audacious alphabetizing, discussion questions) We tried several of these and have enjoyed them very much!

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Exclamation Mark

Exclamation Mark
by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Author), Tom Lichtenheld (Illustrator)

Identity Crisis!

Exclamation Mark is not like everyone else. He “stood out” from the very beginning. He tried to “fit” in but the only time he was the “same” was when he was sleeping!


Exclamation Mark Being Different

Exclamation Mark is very sad and wanted to run away!

Exclamation Mark Run away

Then one day someone “unexpected” came along. “Who are you?” asks the jolly, happy and snappy new friend. In fact, our peppy new friend asks 17 questions ALL in one breath. It’s all too much for poor Exclamation Mark. “STOP!” exclaims Exclamation Mark.

Exclamatin mark STOP

And that’s it! Exclamation Mark realizes and “finds” his true identity! And now there is no stopping him!

Amy and Tom do it again! This wonderful tongue in cheek humorous story is a story that we can all relate to. Young and old will identify themselves with Exclamation Mark’s identity crisis situation. But the happy ending of how a “friend” helps you discover who you really are is brilliant and so tastefully done.

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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The Raft

The Raft
by Jim LaMarche (Author, Illustrator)

Let your mind drift!

Nicky is not happy about his father’s decision to leave him with grandma over summer. Grandma lives in the Wisconsin woods with no one to play with nearby and not even a TV! But his father won’t change his mind as he drives off leaving teary eyed Nicky to fend for himself over the next few months.

The Raft inside 2

At grandma’s, Nicky finds himself in a completely different world. Grandma’s house is full of books.. scattered everywhere, on the floor, on the chairs and on top of most of the tables. The walls of her house are covered with sketches, stuffed fish and charts of the river. To Nicky, the house looked like a river rat’s workroom with a large half finished carving of a bear right in the middle of everything!

The Raft inside 1

Soon enough Nicky finds himself busy as grandma finds plenty of things for him to do around the house. One day he finds himself fishing at the quiet river. As Nicky waits patiently for a bite, he sees something moving in the water towards him along the river. As it gets closer and bumps up against the dock, Nicky realizes that it is a Raft. And this changes everything!

The Raft inside 4

Author Jim LaMarche draws from his boyhood summer memories and takes us down the river on a raft. A raft that is covered with beautiful drawings of wild animals. As Nicky explores the woods on the river, the raft becomes his constant companion. The raft is almost magical as it draws the wild life out from the woods. Nicky is treated to the sights and sounds of nature as never before!

Beautifully illustrated and told, this story connects you with nature in a warm gentle way!

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
by Lewis Carroll (Author), Michael York (Narrator)

Down the Rabbit Hole!

There is little to say about this beloved children’s classic story about a girl called Alice and her adventures in Wonderland. We have read this book in many versions in many formats for a long long time! But when we picked up this audio CD set from our library, we were delighted to find ourselves once again Down the Rabbit Hole!

Emmy and Grammy nominated and award winning screen and stage actor Michael York takes you on a journey through Wonderland. Almost instantly we were transported to the world of the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts. York’s superb narrative of this classic tale is a keeper! You will enjoy the many accents York takes on as he narrates the story. Adults and children will equally enjoy listening to this evocative and enduring tale.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Michael York

This 3 CD set consists of the original unabridged version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland story. It is 3 hours and 7 minutes long. Blackstone Audio has kept the narrative in focus and not included any music or sound effects on the CDs which could distract the listener from the core of the story.

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Creepy Carrots

Creepy Carrots
by Aaron Reynolds (Author), Peter Brown (Illustrator)

Tasty treats or creepy vegetables?

Jasper Rabbit *loves* to eat carrots! And there are plenty to pick form in the nearby Crackenhopper Field. He eats them on his way to school. He eats them walking home. He eats them on the way back from Little League.

Creepy Carrots Jasper

All is good, until one day Jasper gets a creepy feeling that carrots are following him.”Tunk tunk tunk”.. He sees them in the mirror when he is brushing his teeth. “Tunk tunk tunk…” He sees them in his bedroom at night. “Tunk tunk tunk”… And he sees them in the backyard shed! Why are the creepy carrots following him? And why won’t anyone else spot them? Finally, Jasper hatches a plan to stop the creepy carrots from haunting him. Smile

Creepy Carrots in the mirror

This is a delightful scary story of a paranoid rabbit seeing rabbits everywhere. But are they really following him? Or is it his overactive imagination! The story is brilliantly illustrated alluding to the creepiness of the carrots with the subtle black and white palate with  hints of orange to “show” the carrots. Both the author and illustrator have struck just the right balance of spooky and delightful. Read this one! The ending will surprise you.

Find out what inspired Peter Brown here: 

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The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly
by Mary Howitt (Author), Tony DiTerlizzi (Author, Illustrator)

A Cautionary Poem

Most of us have listened, read or heard this legendary poem by Howitt. But Tony DiTerlizzi puts a fantastic spin to it. Through his brilliant black and white gouache and pencil art, Tony reproduces this work in a duotone.

The Spider and the fly 6

The paintings look positively spooky and downright evil!

The Spider and the fly 2

The characters are complete with the 1920’s attire. Seated in a Victorian seat, the spider stares down at the fly dressed in her Victorian era outfit complete with a flower umbrella.

The Spider and the fly 1

Halloween or not, you will love reading this spidery tale of catch me if you can. The story is about a spider who notices a lonely vulnerable fly and tries to woo her. The fly at first is very cautious but later falls to his charms.

Rarely do you find a recreation worthy of praise. This sophisticated poetry book will appeal to one and all, and especially to those fans of Poe and Burton!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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Claude Monet: The Painter who Stopped the Trains

Claude Monet: The Painter who Stopped the Trains
by P.I.Maltbie (Author), Jos. A. Smith (Author)

Those Impressionists! Their paintings look as if the paint was fired from a gun. And that Monet is the worst of all!

The critics exclaimed as they looked at Monet’s Impression, Sunrise a painted seascape of bright colors. Painters in those days did not use bright colors. They painted grandly, not precisely or realistically. They painted indoors, in dark studios, not outside in the garden or by the seaside. And they did NOT paint ordinary everyday life scenes. They painted events from history or on mythology or legends!

The painter who stopped trains Critics

Claude did not like to be called an Impressionist. But he did not let that stop him from painting what he loved. So one day when his son stopped to wave at a rushing locomotive (a rarity in those days), Claude could not but help wonder how he could capture the speed, the smoke and a view of Modern Paris. So he dressed “up”, walked into the station directors office and convinced him to “lend” him his trains to draw. Thinking that Monet was a renowned painter, the Director was more than willing to stop and delay trains and allow Monet to place his easel and paints on the train stations.

The painter who stopped Trains Painting at the station

As the Director stood by in respectful silence, Monet went to work. He created multiple canvases. He painted the trains at different angles. He painted the trains arriving and leaving. He captured how the light fell on the smoke. He captured the bustling of the crowds. And soon he was ready to show the world an Impressionist painting of a different kind!

The painter who stopped trains at the station

But would the world receive his new paintings with the same excitement as he and his son had about the trains? Would they see the poetry in train stations the way he had captured it?

Find out!


The Painter who stopped Trains Arriva of a Train

The Painter who stopped trains Train

The Painter who stopped Trains Station

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Custard and Company

Custard and Company
by Ogden Nash (Author/Poet), Quentin Blake (Illustrator)

Tickle your funny bone!

An illustrated collection of 80 + humorous poems on variety of topics like animals, food and life! From the simplest verse appealing to children “ There goes the Wapiti, Hippety-hoppity!” to verses like “Children aren’t happy with nothing to ignore, And that’s what parents were created for…” there are numerous poems to please everyone in the family. Ogden Nash’s unconventional rhymes and droll verse makes him one of the country’s most popular humorous poets.

Custard and Company 3

Custard and Company 2

Ogden Nash verses are super silly and an enormous fun to read out aloud! The typical black and white art from Quentin Blake provide visual humor to these poems. It has been a big hit with our family, picking and laughing at few verses every day.

Here’s one of my favorites:-

Custard and Company 1

If you have enjoyed Shel Silverstein poems, then this collection is a must read!

Find it here: Library, Amazon, Better World Books

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